10 Most Disturbing Metal Songs That Will Make You Sick

Guitars, bass, and drums with a side order of sick. Featuring Cannibal Corpse and more...

Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh
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In relation to the music genre, heavy metal was first introduced in Steppenwolf’s 1968 hit Born to be Wild, and was soon adopted by music critics during the '70s to describe aggressive melodies achieved by distorted guitars and heavy drum and bass. It was this musicality that helped differentiate it from blues-based rock. From these roots sprung bands as diverse as Cream, Black Sabbath, and Aerosmith. Yet, it is the sub-genres of death and black metal which pull the style furthest away from its starting spot.

These extreme forms of metal added their own unique flavour that is in reality only palatable to a distinct section of listeners. While to the un-attuned these genres sound like noise for noise sake, each instrument from the vocals to the bass requires the mastery of various musical techniques. Few see past the initial burst of sound and the faces lathered with corpse paint, never analysing the lyrical content. With a focus on murder, mutilation, monsters, and bodily fluids maybe this is for the best; but for those wanting to test their sanity and stomach there is much depth to be plundered...

Note: Some songs eligible for this list were impossible to discuss while preserving standards. However, what follows comes with an NSFW warning and an additional caution for the weak hearted.

10. Vehemence - Lusting For Affection

Who in the Hell?:

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Vehemence are a melodic death metal band who saw their biggest success in the genre's early 2000s boom period. The band had three runs (1997-2005, 2006, and 2007-2016) and released four full-length studio albums, however, they are currently inactive. In terms of their lyrics, Vehemence's discography shows a notable growth in lyrical content with the band's early lyrics focusing on sadism and their later contributions highlighted anti-religious values and struggles.

Sinister Sounds:

Staying close to the popular early 2000s style of metal, the instrumental is fine enough, yet, his only helps to conceal the disturbing lyrics further...

Publishable Lyrics:

"Digging through her garbage, searching for something / Picking through remnants of her daily patterns / Discarded tampon, telephone bill stub, last night's dinner / His heart growing fonder with every load he takes."

Censored Storyline:

The detached story follows a child starved of affection by his abusive parents who grows up to be a sexually sadistic stalker. The listener is trapped in the mind of the perverted protagonist, with the track ending with him closing in on his first victim...


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