10 Most Embarrassing Boasts In Rap Music

Are you sure you want to BRAG about that?

Boasts in rap music are as old as the genre itself. Although you'll find egotism at the center of many different music styles, rap really takes it to the next level. In fact, there's literally a sub-genre of hip hop called braggadocio, which evolved from the sh-t talking sessions known as battle rapping and can now be found in about 80 percent of all rap music. But even within the genre, some rappers effortlessly raise the stakes of the boasting game, turning it into its own kind of art form. One of the most popular songs of this style is Eric B. & Rakim's 1990 track, "No Omega," which starts off with "I'm the Alpha, with no Omega," and only gets more inventive with its boasts from there on. (The song is pretty much required listening for any new hip hop artist.) Some rappers, though, have apparently never heard that Eric B. & Rakim track, nor do they appear to understand exactly what it means to gloat. Because sometimes the words that come out of their mouth should not be said with pride. They should be laced with shame. Or, at best, embarrassment. It seems some folks just don't know to blow their own horn.

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