10 Most Embarrassing Boasts In Rap Music

6. Yung Joc Feat. Gorilla Zoe - "Coffeeshop"

I got so many whips, they call me Whippolicious.
Memphis rapper Yung Joc, whose father helped land him a gig writing jingles for Revlon to break into the music business (seriously), got his start on Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Records. So right there, that's two strikes against any kind of street cred he was hoping to carry into the rap game. But of all the words he could have chosen to make up for a boast about having an abundance of cars, he decided to use one that would embarrass the hell out of a tween girl. "Whippolicious" isn't a compliment...to anybody. It just can't be. If we live in a world where adult humans are happy when other adult humans call them things like "Whippolicious," then we better start figuring out the logistics of living on the moon pretty damn quick, because this planet is over and done.
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