10 Most Embarrassing Boasts In Rap Music

5. Puff Daddy Feat. Ma$e - "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down"

You name it, I could claim it Young, black, and famous, with money hangin€™ out the anus
Oof. All right, Mase With a Dollar Sign, I understand what you were going for here. " coming out of my ass" is a common enough phrase, so you're on an okay track with this. But sometimes you don't have to bring out the thesaurus to come up with "innovative" ways to say things. And if you do, make sure to choose a word that doesn't have the clinical ickiness of, ahem, anus. (People who aren't doctors should never be allowed to use that word. Ever.) Hell, even if you hadn't dropped the anus bomb on us, that lyric still puts a weird image in the listener's head. Nothing should be hanging out of your butt. Get that s--t taken care of, dude, that's disgusting.
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