10 Most Hated Albums In Rock Music History

Making The Blood Boil.

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Like your mother has always said, it's never nice to say that you hate something. Although there have been millions of people wanting to praise their favorite music to the high heavens, saying that something is god awful can get you in a little bit more hot water. Now with the advantage of the Internet though, it's about time we find out what albums are considered that absolute worst of the worst.

Granted, does that mean that every single one of these albums is atrocious from back to front? Not necessarily. From the sounds of these records, you wouldn't assume that these are the biggest flameouts that an artist could ask for. If we're talking the overall impression though, these are the kinds of records that just make the collective rock community's skin crawl, causing trolls to leave paragraphs' worth of notes as to how terrible they are.

So as we go through all of these, keep in mind just why they might be so hated by the fans and if there are any diamonds in the rough to be found among the pile of crap. They might not be the kind of unlistenable schlock you might be expecting, but once you listen to these for more than a few minutes, you start to understand why they are known as the punching bags of the music industry.

10. Van Halen III - Van Halen

It's never an easy task when a band has to deal with a lead singer change. Since the person that you're replacing has basically been the mouthpiece of the band most of the time, there's no real way to just sidestep all of that with the fans. If there was any band who could pull it off, it would have been Van Halen, right? As it turns out, reality can be a little bit cruel on Van Halen III.

Even though the last lead singer change with Sammy Hagar had been great in the mid '80s, coming off of a low point in the late '90s made for one of the most unlistenable albums from one of the gods of glam rock. Instead of just trying to make newcomer Gary Cherone gel with the rest of the band, it just sounds like they tried to convince him to sing like Sammy, which makes for some ear piercing sounds every now and again.

And that's before you even get to the structure of these songs, if you even want to describe these songs as having structures. From one song to the next, you'll barely be able to tell where the chorus is, with every song going off on weird tangents and hooks that stick to you in the wrong way. Thank god that David Lee Roth came back for A Different Kind of Truth years later, because no band should have this as their epitaph.

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