10 Most Hated Albums In Rock Music History

9. Results May Vary - Limp Bizkit

A lot of rock fans have had sort of a love hate relationship with Limp Bizkit. While it's fun to see that Fred Durst at least has a sense of humor about himself in recent years, you would have thought he was the reason why rock wasn't being taken seriously when singles like Nookie were lighting up the charts. For everyone who thought that a song like Break Stuff was bad though, we haven't even begun to reach the bottom of the barrel.

Now without guitar genius Wes Borland, Results May Vary sounds like the band were pulling in every favor they could to make an album that was at least partly resembling a Limp Bizkit record. With none of their strengths to stand on, that brings all of Durst's rhymes to the very front of the mix, which is the last thing you really want to focus on in this scenario.

Before you even get to the actual rhymes on display, the actual messages behind these songs are a lot more juvenile than where nu metal was at this time, especially when they try to compare their problems to the children at Columbine on Head for the Barricade. And no matter how many bands try their hand at covers, no one can touch the dumpster dire that's their take on Behind Blue Eyes. Guys, it would have been understandable if you just took a break...you didn't need to do this.

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