10 Most Hated Classic Rock Albums (From Great Bands)

When Giants Fall...


There are certain bands that you can just depend on. Regardless of what may be in their path, great musicians of old have always found ways to overcome adversity with some of the greatest music of their generation. However, sometimes the hard times can really reflect in the music the band makes.

These albums are the times where we found out that no band can keep the flame burning forever. Even if a band has had a perfect track record, there is always that one record that everyone wants to keep under wraps. Whether it be through the artist going through a new sound, having a new member in the group, or just being plain uninspired, these albums have been dragged through the mud by countless rock fans for years.

The negative backlash that these albums have received has led some artists to make a sharp course correction on their later material as a way of apologizing to their fanbase. While these bands have made albums that we display with pride, these are the forgotten records that we keep in a box of shame. They may have some good gems, but you might want to proceed with caution through most of these tunes.


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