10 Most Hated Classic Rock Albums (From Great Bands)

9. Victim Of Love - Elton John

Elton John has garnered a well-deserved reputation of being one of the most flamboyant artists of the 1970's. While his looks may have changed with each concert he did, it didn't seem to matter as long as the music was great. John felt eternally fashionable, but the reception was lacking when he decided to jump on the most fashionable trend of the era: disco.

The era in which Victim of Love was released in was one of John's lowest periods, where he was severely addicted to hard drugs. In an effort to mask his sorrow, the record is draped in a disco sheen, as if to paint a happy face on a sad clown. This album tries to capture the raw emotion of disco, but ends with a very audible thud. You can tell his rendition of "Johnny B Goode" was trying to be a rockified version of "I Feel Love," but it just doesn't seem to work.

Elton also brought a bunch of top tier guest musicians from the likes of Toto and the Doobie Brothers, but not even the musicians' pedigrees could have stopped this album from tanking. There was a way through the drug-fueled haze, but there's a reason why this portion of Elton John's work is only slightly hinted at in the Rocketman movie.

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