10 Most Hated Classic Rock Bands Of All Time

The most reviled acts of rock's Golden Age...

Kiss Live
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Most classic rock bands don't need to prove their worth to anyone anymore. With thousands of classic riffs under their belts and millions of albums sold, it's almost expected that the best of the bunch rise to the top over time. However, there have been many classic bands that have weathered their fair share of hatred.

No two bands experience hatred in the same way though. Many bands on this list have been dragged through the mud for their more recent endeavors, which many have seen as disingenuous to the band's earlier reputation. At the same time, there are some bands who have been torn apart in their prime by critics but have held up as legitimately great acts despite what the cool kids may have said. While some of these bands are not deserving of the critical venom, there are others who really do deserve some of their more harsh comments.

Whether they were hated then and loved now or loved then and hated now, these bands have soldiered on doing their own thing regardless of what people said, which is what rock and roll is all about. These bands may have had good intentions, but their time in the spotlight proved they were anything but bulletproof.

10. Bad Company

In the early 70's, every single great act had some element of the blues in their sound. From the blend of R&B with Jimi Hendrix to the bombastic sounds of Led Zeppelin, each band used their songs to tap into the pain inside their soul. After being signed to Led Zeppelin's Swan Song, it seemed as though Bad Company had all the makings of a great rock band, but some of their tunes left rockers underwhelmed.

Sure, the band's musicians are certainly great players and have one of the best rock vocalists of all time in Paul Rodgers, but the actual songs were just the standard rock you could find anywhere else in the wild. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. However, when put next to bonafied superstars like Queen, Pink Floyd, and the mighty Zeppelin, Bad Company's straight ahead form of rock music didn't seem to be pushing the genre forward, which was a bit disconcerting considering the band's lineup included former members of King Crimson and Free.

Regardless of the more intellectual rock types, the band still had some phenomenal cuts in their prime like their namesake track and "Feel Like Makin Love." Being pure rock is rarely a detriment to a rock band, but the formula behind these guys never seemed to sit well with the more outlandish types.


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