10 Most Hated Classic Rock Songs (From Great Bands)

When titans drop the ball.


There's a damn good reason why the bands from the 60's to the 80's have been labelled "classic rock" bands. The songs in their repertoire have become standards of pop music that have gone to influence millions of rock fans around the world. While most of these bands' records are well worth your time, every now and again there's something that should have been left on the cutting room floor.

As much as we like to idolize these artists, it's important to know that no band is able to put out perfect material all the time. Every now and again, bands will come out with songs that are mediocre, lazy, or outright reprehensible in some cases.

Does that mean that these bands lose their credibility as legit songwriters? Not at all. In fact, sometimes it takes one average song from a band for the fanbase to realize just how much great material the band has already put out. For one reason or another, these are the songs that drive fans (as well as some band members) up the wall every time they hear them. Some of these might not be outright awful, but these acts can certainly do better than this.


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