10 Most Hated Classic Rock Songs (From Great Bands)

10. Mother - The Police

The Police were monsters of the pop and rock world throughout the 80's. From their feeble beginnings with "Roxanne" to the monster hit "Every Breath You Take," the band never struck out when it came to creating absolute ear-candy for the mainstream public. While Synchronicity is looked at as the band's last creative moment before their breakup, there's one song that appears in the middle of the record and ruins everybody's fun.

Penned by guitarist Andy Summers, "Mother" is an absolutely egregious tune that is much more avant garde than the experimental stuff the band was writing at the time. To its credit, the song definitely isn't uninteresting, as most of the tune revolves around a chaotic backing track and Summers droning on frightfully about what sounds like a domestic abuse scenario between him and his own mother.

The Police were always looked at as a somewhat off-the-wall band, but was anybody expecting something like this from the guys who gave us hits like "Message in a Bottle" and "King of Pain?" This song may be a bit of a faceplant, but the record quickly picks up steam with songs like "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and "Synchronicity II" shortly afterward. Though Synchronicity has garnered a reputation as one of the most essential albums of the 80's, you can bet that this song is something people skip time after time.


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