10 Most Hated Hard Rock Bands Of All Time

Hard Rock's Favorite Punching Bags.

Creed Band 2

In the music industry, it's almost impossible not to fall out of favor with some music listeners. For every one fan that likes your music, there always seems to be just as many detractors looking to bring you down. While each band weathers their fair share of criticism, these bands have had more hate thrown their way than most musicians have in a lifetime.

Getting one thing off the bat, are all of these artists bad? No, not really. In going through these artists, it's important to point out where they fall short as well as the talents they do have at work. Some of these bands may be genuinely good acts, but either their gimmicks or sound have been a big turn-off for many a hard rocker for years.

On the other side of things, there are some bands on here that do deserve some of the bashing that is thrown their way, whether it be because of their attitude or because of their incompetence when it comes to writing rock songs. Regardless of where you stand on these acts, the work they have produced over the years has certainly been contentious to say the least.

10. Theory Of A Deadman

Of all the criticisms that come to rock bands, one of the biggest offenses a group can commit is sounding derivative. No matter how much you may think your music is original, there is always going to be a section of people of who thinks you sound too much like somebody else.

While most of these accusations are unfounded, Theory of a Deadman has almost made a science out of rehashing songs from labelmates Nickelback. From the growly vocal delivery to their dabblings in more pop rock territory, the entire blueprint for Theory of a Deadman's sound feels like it is copied and pasted from Nickelback's playbook. At the same time, it doesn't seem like the band seems to mind, with Chad Kroeger being one of the key components in getting Theory a major label deal in the first place.

Regardless of the rancor they have received, the band were able to soldier on and have continued to nab spots on the rock charts to this day with their latest album. The band may have nothing to prove to anyone anymore, but that doesn't stop them from being one of this generation's favorite punching bags.


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