10 Most Hilariously Bad Albums Ever Made

So Bad They're Amazing.

Corey Feldman
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There's never that much enjoyment that comes with listening to a bad album. Unless there's a certain demographic of listeners who likes to torture themselves with music, the idea of music that is intentionally awful is more likely to spark annoyance out of you than joy. There are some bands that have gone the extra mile though.

While none of these albums are good by any stretch of the imagination, the pure shock factor of their incompetence have actually given them an interesting shelf life over the years. Does that mean that all of these are subpar by nature? No, at least not at first. Whereas some of these artists never had that much potential to begin with, some of them are funny just because of the fact that they exist, whether it be because of some misguided sense of making beautiful music or the fact that anyone green lit these albums in the first place.

Hell, some of them might not even seem that bad once you hear them, with big name artists singing their praises over the years.

Either way, these aren't the albums you listen to for the bangers. You listen to these and just marvel that they were actually brought into existence. Just like the film industry has stuff like the Room, it's only fitting that the music world follow suit.

10. Darkhorse - Crazy Town

There's no shame in just being a dumb rock band every once in a while. If there was ever a rule that you had to take yourself seriously in rock and roll, there's a good chance that half of classic artists' material would be lost to history. However, what's even more funny is when a band known for being dumb tries to get smart on you on a whim.

During their rise to fame in the early '00s, Crazy Town were never the most cerebral band in the world, considering their fluke hit was the badass in love song Butterfly. As nu metal started to turn a corner though, Darkhose is one of the most hilarious course corrections in modern rock history. Every single facet about this record screams that these guys have just seen Linkin Park get famous and decided to wash, rinse, and repeat their formula to suit their own needs.

You can really tell that they're trying on these tunes, but the more you start to listen further, it just becomes laughable how much they thought their core audience wouldn't notice the obvious similarities between them and the far superior badasses from California. For as timestamped as this record is in 2001, the fact that it actually made the effort and got it down this horrendously is almost a feat in and of itself.

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