10 Most Influential Electronic Rock Artists

9. LCD Soundsystem

Every single scene of music was thrown for a loop the minute that Daft Punk became a part of the equation. Though the two robots weren't necessarily rock to begin with, their attention to detail with house music in the early '00s made everyone want to up their game as to what you could do with sound. And while James Murphy may have bragged about them playing at his house, LCD Soundsystem could certainly compete with Daft Punk as the years went on.

After coming to prominence in New York, records like Sound of Silver became the start of something much more exciting for the entire rock movement, having subtle hints of indie and art rock mixed in with some of the processed beats that wouldn't feel out of place in a DJ's setlist. These weren't just bangers...these were songs that could stomp your heart into a million pieces if you weren't careful.

A casual listen to a song like All My Friends will tell you everything you need to know, starting with just your typical looping beat before James lets the whole thing sink in. By the time you actually get to the end of the track, the whole thing goes from a nice little dance track to a cathartic emotional release that you'll be screaming along to at the top of your lungs. Now that Murphy has assembled a new version of the band in recent years, LCD Soundsystem may have only just begun to show what they're capable of.


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