10 Most Influential Electronic Rock Artists

8. Muse

Putting someone like Muse into their own category of electronic rock almost feels wrong. From day one, Matt Bellamy has always made it a point to expand Muse's sound in whatever way the band sees fit, which really place them in every genre from arena rock to prog rock to art rock. Then again, you'd be a fool if you didn't take into consideration everything that the band have done with the synthesized part of their sound.

Shortly after leaning into the arena bombast on albums like Black Holes and Revelations, albums like The Resistance and the 2nd Law had that same Muse identity with a much more synthetic framework. Along with the shout along choruses of songs like Uprising, you also had the string sampler driving songs like Undisclosed Desires and the riff in MK Ultra, where Bellamy makes his guitar setup sound like a computer that's about to short circuit.

And while some fans may have been totally put off by the band's integration of dubstep on the 2nd Law, you could tell that they still understood the medium they were using, going for creating a sonic landscape on songs like Isolated System and even making an EDM style rock song on Follow Me. Rock and roll now works on a spectrum, and electronic just seems to be one more weapon in the Muse arsenal at this point.


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