10 Most Over-Hated Rock Albums Of All Time

Don't Believe the Anti-Hype.


Fans are by far the most important people in the world of rock music. Regardless of the great music and artists to come out of the genre, the listeners and devotees are the ones who truly keep the movement thriving even when times are at their most dark. Their passion for headbanging extends to each classic album...but it does work the other way around too.

Even though rock fans will defend their favorite music, they will also be the first to call out if a record is bad. Whether it be through sounding inauthentic or just a bad recording decision, no band is safe from the judgement of the fan's decisions. This has led to many albums by gigantic bands being dragged through the mud on various occasions. But are they really that bad though?

For all the bile that has been thrown at these records, there are still some standout moments that most fans seem to forget. Even if its only for a little bit, the bright spots on these records are worth looking over despite their more celebrated flaws. These albums may not be masterpieces, but they definitely warrant more praise than their usual thrashings. It's time to dust these off and see what you've been missing.

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