10 Most Overhated Bands In Rock

They're really not as bad as you think...

Yui Mok/PA Archive

In the grand scheme of rock music, fans usually have the final say in an artists' worth. Whether it be through buying their records or calling out inauthentic behavior, fans have all the power when it comes to calling something good or not. Though many bands have gotten a fair amount of criticism for their music, there are many acts who don't deserve the slogging they normally receive.

As time has gone on, these bands that were initially panned by fans and critics alike have stood out as something much better than we remembered. Even some of the greatest acts in the world were able to conjure up a bit of hate because of certain questionable artistic directions. However, that doesn't mean we should count a band out entirely if they made something that we didn't like.

Being an artist is all about taking chances, but you are liable to any type of criticism once you put your musical vision out on a public stage. For as much scorn as these artists have weathered over the years, there will always be a core fanbase who will be there to help nurse their wounds. Here's just a little helping of those acts that people had a little too much fun hating on.


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