10 Most Pirated Music Of All Time

"B*tch better have my money..."

The music industry has never really gotten to grips with illegal downloading. Despite Metallica's angst at Napster, the FBI's assaults on Pirate Bay and the shutting down of Megaupload, music lovers continue to prefer grabbing their sonic thrills for free over paying extortionate amounts for albums. The torrent site ExtraTorrent recently put out the statistics for the 20 most pirated files of all time. Given the client's huge traffic, the list is pretty representative of downloading patterns across the web. Its numbers can be taken to reflect those of other file-sharing sites. Unsurprisingly, a large quantity of the pirated files are either songs or albums. As you might expect, they're by artists that continue to ride high in the charts in spite of the fact that a large portion of their audience doesn't pay to listen to them. The most torrented music files ever are included here in reverse order, from the least to the most downloaded. Most of these releases have been practically unavoidable for the past couple of years. There's no question that these figures will change when ExtraTorrent (hopefully!) releases its updated figures at the end of 2015. No doubt a few of 2015's biggest artists will have crept into this list by then

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