10 Most Pirated Music Of All Time

10. Honorary Mention: The Beatles

ExtraTorrent's list only featured 9 music files, but it was also noted recently that the most pirated musical act of all time is - perhaps inevitably - The Fab Four. They topped the list by some distance. This is partially because they are so beloved, but also presumably because it took such a long time for The Beatles' music to be legally distributed online (their discography remains exclusive to iTunes, a deal that wasn't signed until 2010). Anti-piracy company MUSO revealed in 2013 that 187,687 files of The Beatles' music had been uploaded to the web. Couple that with an average of 1000 downloads per file, and you end up with 190 million Beatles downloads per year. Those numbers are bound to have risen exponentially in the years since. Other acts that featured in the Top 5 included Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and, unbelievably, Cliff Richard.
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