10 Most Popular ANTI-Rockstars

Never in it for the trend.

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90% of people who enter into the music industry want to have their voices heard. More often than not, any old schmuck can just throw together a couple of chords in the hopes that they soothe their attention hungry egos in the spotlight for at least a little while. However, that kind of lifestyle isn't really cut out for everyone.

Much like everyone else, a lot of people entering the music industry see it more as just a job to do rather than a full on popularity contest. For as many people like to strut their stuff across the public eye, these artists have done practically everything they can to downplay their traditional ego. Whether it be hiding behind their instrument or just avoiding interviews, these artists tried their best to make sure they never lost the plot of why they wanted to play music in the first place.

Hell, some of these people may have even wanted to be the big rockstars that they dreamt of, only to withdrawal once they realized the baggage that came along with it. Instead of just being your other generic rockstar, these artists were the ones who put their music before anything else. The paparazzi may be fun...but the lifestyle is so much better.

10. John Deacon - Queen

As the '70s started to give way to more theatrical acts, you couldn't really get much better than Queen. With each passing record, it was virtually impossible to take your eyes off of Freddie Mercury for a second, commanding the stage very much like a Shakespearean actor would if he were fronting Led Zeppelin. Even with all of that showmanship though, John Deacon remained the one lone wolf amid the rock royals.

Being the last member to join the band, Deacon always was slightly reserved and somewhat uncomfortable with his role in the group. Most of the time, you couldn't really get a word out of him in interviews or onstage, as he normally just stood in the wings and opened his mouth for just an occasional backing vocal. What was behind that bass though was a neverending well of talent that most people didn't even realize.

While Brian May and Mercury are known as the primary songwriters in the group, Deacon's writing credits are among the greatest hits the group ever had, from the amazing bass line of Another One Bites the Dust to the open-hearted love letter of You're My Best Friend. Then again, when you have Mercury out front to deliver everything, sometimes it's better to just hang back and dig into the groove.

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