10 Most Savage Rock And Metal Diss Tracks Of All Time

Rockers Getting Malicious.

Radiohead Paranoid Android

The music world is not necessarily known for being the most user friendly of businesses. This is the kind of cutthroat Wild West of the entertainment industry, and you better be watching your back every time someone has it in for you. If you have that kind of anger in your soul to begin with though, it doesn't hurt to put that anger into song every once in a while.

Over the years, plenty of artists have come out with songs that are looking to do nothing else but destroy someone in their lives. Whether it's just as a joke or genuine anger going on behind the scenes, every one of these songs has a lot more aggression pointed at real people. Compared to rockers who like to tell stories, these aren't just made up fairytales. These people have faces, and are more than likely not too happy about being put in the middle of a hit song by a mainstream rock act.

Then again, not all of these have to be strictly about anger at another band. Anger comes from every part of your life, and a lot of these are acts having the last laugh on their critics, fellow business partners, or even their own former friends between classic singalong songs. As you get more experience in rock music, there's a lot of bad blood that comes up, and you're going to have to let it out sooner or later.

10. Get In The Ring - Guns N Roses 

Anyone who's feeling a little bit salty when writing a song always has poetic license. Since you're going to have everyone in the press asking you what these sarcastic songs are about, the get out of jail free card is basically to plead the fifth and leave everything to be ambiguous and letting the listener decide what it means for themselves. Towards the end of Use Your Illusion, Axl Rose threw that completely out the window on Get In The Ring.

While it's not all that surprising to see Axl getting his rage on during a track, he's directly calling out every single journalist that he has had a problem with since the band started. And it's not like that's not unjustified, given that most bands would like to share some harsh words about everyone who told them off in print. Once the song gets going though, this switches from just a slight jab to a full fledged power fantasy.

As Slash starts to get a little chaotic with his guitar part, Axl starts to talk his way through the lyrics, playing the role of an announcer in a boxing ring and introducing Guns N Roses as the fierce competitor. Now that the gloves are off, Axl namechecks different editors from various metal magazines such as Kerrang and bragging about how there's no way that these journalists would be able to last a day going through their touring schedule. This might have been a cathartic thing for Axl to get out of system, but when you look back on it, the madman behind Guns N Roses just looks a little too thin skinned these days.

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