10 Most Underrated Aerosmith Songs

Lowlights from the Bad Boys From Boston.


Aerosmith don't really need to prove their worth to anyone anymore. No matter which way you look at it, these Bad Boys from Boston are responsible for some of the most infectious rock music of the modern age, from the groovy swing of Walk This Way to the pure badass mindset of Back in the Saddle. However, what about the other songs peppered in between the hits?

Yeah, for as much as these guys may have weathered the musical storms over the years, even their hits didn't result in some of their best work. Whether they were turning in a more Rolling Stones like groove in their early years or refining their hair metal sound in the '80s, there was still a few decent bangers that are on par with some of the greatest work they've ever made. Hell, even when they reached the sell-out "I don't care" years at the turn of the century, there was still some quality material to be found in between the more embarrassing moments.

Many rock and roll fans may have found their swagger by listening to the greatest hits from these guys, but the only real depth comes in when you do your homework. Take a look beneath the surface and take a look at the bluesy, boozy, and unruly tunes that have put Aerosmith at the top of the rock heap.

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