10 Most Underrated Beatles Songs

The Lost Fabs.

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Making a list regarding the overlooked gems in the Beatles' catalog almost feels silly to even try.

I mean, you have to remember that this is a band who has been studied time and time again to the point of parody. Even with the thousands of remixes and the Disney+ movie coming down the pipeline, there are still a handful of Fab Four cuts that never seem to get the time of day.

Outside of the neverending stream of #1 hits that they had back in the day, some of the best tracks that the group put out were always the album cuts, which came as a little surprise every time you put the record on.

And let's not forget B-sides, since most of the songs on the flip side of every single could have been enough to give any other British Invasion act a whole new career. Then again, it's not like these tracks have gone anywhere.

Along with the new versions of Abbey Road and Let It Be that have come and gone, these are the songs that deserve a little more evaluation for being among the group's best work.

From the Lennon/McCartney gems to the George Harrison songs that you forgot about, these are the real reasons why we'll never see a group this perfect again.

10. Martha My Dear - The White Album

As brilliant as the White Album is, it's a little difficult to get through the entire thing in one sitting. When you really think about it, here is an album that is longer than some feature films, and some of it has stuff like Revolution 9 which is...let's say divisive and leave it at that. Venturing into the deep cuts though, you do get a bunch of diamonds in the rough on here.

Case and point: Martha My Dear. Up until this point in the Fabs' career, we had gotten used to Paul McCartney's balladeer tendencies, and yet this one feels specifically different. Being an ode to his sheepdog that he acquired around this time, the structure of this song is the same as something like Happiness is a Warm Gun. For most Beatles fans, there's no real chorus of this song, instead going through different movements that makes the whole thing feel akin to classical music.

Apparently this kind of style was outside of Paul's usual tendencies as well, with him saying later that the piano lick was outside of his skill range and he decided to write the song to challenge himself as a composer. Considering how far they'd come as musicians, it's interesting to see one of the greatest songwriters on Earth make a song that makes them want to improve.

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