10 Most Underrated Beatles Songs

9. I'll Follow the Sun - Beatles For Sale

If you look back on the really good stuff from the Beatles, things don't start getting legendary until the mid '60s, where they start to experiment and use the studio as an instrument. For the first few years of their existence though, they were one of the most prolific stars in the world, churning out one pop classic after another. Things ended up going by so fast that most people didn't realize the folky jewel right in front of them.

Then again, Beatles for Sale has a name that was pretty much meant to get lost in the shuffle, considering most of the band was getting worn out and tired from Beatlemania 24/7. Though this was the one album that reverted back to cover songs, Paul's I'll Follow the Sun was the true standout, even getting a mention by producer George Martin as one of his personal favorites.

What makes the whole thing work though is because it's so simple, being one of the first melodies that Paul McCartney had ever written and deciding to polish it off when it came time to look for new material. It also speaks to how far Lennon and McCartney were already starting to grow as people.

While John may have been looking for a new way to express himself, Paul was content to follow the way the wind blows and go wherever life would take him.

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