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Blink 182

If you were a betting person back in the late '90s, you'd probably think that we wouldn't be talking about Blink-182 these days. And why would we? These were the dopey joke guys with guitars who were just going to fade into obscurity like the rest of the '90s fashions we don't want to care about anymore. And yet time can take things in a bit of a different direction.

With almost 30 years under their belt at this point, Blink have had some of the most classic material out of any other pop punk band in history. Then again, not everything tends to be celebrated on the level as something like All the Small Things. Across almost every album, there are a certain few deep cuts that will always hold a special place in the heart of true Blink fans who still blast joke songs like Happy Holidays You Bastards.

No matter what era of the group you find yourself in, you can normally count on a handful of great songs that slip through the cracks and hold up just as well today as they did when they were released. Compared to the likes of Simple Plan and Good Charlotte, most pop punk wishes they could grow up to be this good.

10. Emo - Dude Ranch

For the OG Blink fans, Dude Ranch is probably up there with Enema of the State as one of the greatest albums in the pop punk pantheon. Even though Travis Barker isn't in the fold yet, the lead single Dammit and songs like Boring are the kind of snotty stuff that made us fans in the first place. It did not forget about the teenage angst though.

Don't let the title deceive you though...this is not the same type of music that you were hearing from bands like Sunny Day Real Estate back in the day. While Blink's flirtation with emo music started with the "WHERE ARE YOU???" song in '03, Emo is just a send-up to the people who got everything started for Blink back in the day.

Keeping in the pop punk tradition, this entire track is an homage to Jimmy Eat World, which was one of Tom Delonge's favorite bands at the time. Taken as an emo track though, it's not too bad either, having just the kind of teenage melodrama that wouldn't sound all that out of place if it came on between the Rites of Springs of the world and such. For emo, it's passable...but for pop punk, this is a downright classic.

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