10 Most Underrated Blink 182 Songs

9. Time To Break Up - Take Off Your Pants

Around the turn of the century, Blink fell into that sweet spot where pretty much everything they touched could turn to gold. Hell, even when they were trying to bang out a hit single just for the hell of it, they would make something like The Rock Show or First Date, each of which could go toe to toe with the best in the pop punk genre. Need more context? Well, how about the best songs from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket being left on the cutting room floor?

Depending on which deluxe edition of the album you got, Time To Break Up was one of the bonus tracks included alongside it's respective joke songs. Out of songs like What Went Wrong and Don't Tell Me It's Over, this track is probably the best of them all, having the right amount of thunder and frustration that comes with...well...having to break up with someone.

While some may have found these songs to be like Blink on autopilot, these are the kind of hooks that any lesser pop punk band wishes they could have written. This may have been not quite up to snuff with the Take Off Your Pants classics, but if someone like Good Charlotte had come out with this around the same time, it would be the highlight of their entire career.

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