10 Most Underrated Eminem Songs

Will the real Slim classics please stand up?

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No one in the hip hop community has had a career quite like Eminem. Ever since he started spitting his flows out of Detroit back in the late '90s, Slim Shady has picked up a pissed-off persona that made for some of the greatest examples of rap trolling ever conceived. Even though some may say Em has fallen off, he's always has that Shady spark lingering across every one of his albums.

While many fans are quick to point out the classics from 8 Mile or the Slim Shady LP, there's plenty of tracks that have never seen the proper recognition they should have. No one really needs a rehash as to why something like "Stan" or "The Real Slim Shady" is amazing. We all know that...but what about the rest of Slim's story.

Across his catalog, plenty of songs have come to the forefront that show a different side of our favorite maniacal lyricist, whether it be about politics, poverty, or just his everyday life.

Even if you see Eminem's music as just a phase of your childhood, these are the overlooked gems that will snap you back to the reality of days gone by, whether it's forgotten singles or deep cuts.

It may be unpleasant, angry, and uncomfortable, but it's all in a day's work for Em.

10. Same Song And Dance - Relapse

By the time Eminem conquered the music world, it was a long way back down to the bottom. After turning himself into a caricature on the album Encore, he spent the rest of his career trying to revive the more sinister side of his personality. While nothing was as intense and angry as the start of Em's career, Relapse did have at least one great horrorshow on Same Song and Dance.

Adopting the serial killer role he used to have, the Shady persona thrives on this track, as he spits out lyrics comparing girls to dancing in a club. This is standard hip hop fare at best, but once you dig a bit deeper, the dance is much more than just choreography. As the story unfolds, this persona is revealed to take women back to his apartment and kill them in a Buffalo Bill-style execution.

In that respect, the proverbial song is taking place solely in this dude's mind, with the dance being the struggles of his lady friends trying not to fall prey to his clutches.

Eminem might have been considered a bit of a joke after embarrassing himself, but it only takes one song to remind you that this was a scary guy you didn't want to find yourself alone with.

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