10 Most Underrated Foo Fighters Songs

Taylor Hawkins was the dark horse of hidden gems.

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Being the drummer for a group who became representative of an entire genre, is one hell of an accomplishment. If Dave Grohl had done nothing else since his time in Nirvana, he would still be considered a monumental figure in music.

But fate had other things in store for him. What started out as a cathartic exercise to deal with the pain of losing Kurt Cobain, eventually turned into one of the biggest groups of the 21 Century. Since the release of the self-titled debut - written and recorded entirely by Grohl - Foo Fighters have delivered some of the most recognised a celebrated songs in all of rock.

With the sad news of Taylor Hawkins' passing, no doubt you've been revisiting your favourite Foo Fighters clips on YouTube, and flooding you playlists with the band's hits. Best of You, Everlong and My Hero have seen their play counts soaring... , which seems only fitting given the current situation.

But when you're done listening to Best Of You for the fourteenth time in a row, chances are you'll be looking for something a little less familiar... , in which case you've come to the right place.

10. Marigold (Acoustic) (2006)

When you're in a band with a songwriter as talented as Kurt Cobain the notion of bringing a new song into the mix must be a daunting one. Dave Grohl was a prolific writer even in the days of Nirvana, but he was fairly reluctant to approach his band mates with new material. Who can blame him when Cobain was churning out tracks like Lithium and In Bloom?

One track from his early writing endeavours, however, ended up being recorded in the In Utero sessions. Although Cobain didn't appear on the track, bass player Krist Novoselic lent a hand in recording an early rendition of Marigold. Grohl would also record a version for his side project Late!. Both are fascinating insights into his writing style during the Nirvana era. The Late! version in particular exhibits many traits shared with Cobain's sound, whilst still displaying a style recognisable as an early version of Foo Fighters.

Grohl eventually went onto record a third version of the track during Foo Fighters' live Skin and Bones album in 2006. It's worth giving all three a listen to hear the evolution of Grohl's song writing technique.

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