10 Most Underrated Glam Rock Songs Of All Time

The glittery bright lights of glam rock failed to give enough attention to these underrated gems.

Iron Virgin Rebels Rule

Glam rock occupies a truly unique position in the rock n roll pantheon. On one side, the outrageous clothing, over-the-top looks and often excessively raunchy themes, would seem to suggest this would should be a more niche genre with a cult fanbase. Yet, fact of the matter is glam rock coincided with the height of rock music. It was during this time that musicians were always covered in several layers of makeup and drenched in hairspray that the genre enjoyed the peak of its popularity.

To be fair though, in the midst of all the crazy aesthetics, we should not never forget the actual quality of music that the genre gave us. From power chord-driven ballads to fast-slapping bangers, these guys in leather ensured that ultimately it was their music that people remembered them by. Despite all that, there are some gems that get lost in the crowd of smooth guitar solos and dreamy vocals.

These are the songs that don’t get anywhere the amount of mentioned they should. From the mainstays of the era like Skid Row to some of the slightly lesser known artists such as Danger Danger, these are ten criminally underrated glam rock songs.

10. Rebels Rule - Iron Virgin

With a name like Iron Virgin and stage get-up that was constantly compared to Clockwork Orange, these Scottish Glam Rockers were always going to offer something extra. And while their career did not quite take off for the stratosphere, nor was most of their music top notch, they did provide us with one underrated gem in the form of "Rebels Rule".

“Rebels Rule” was a single from their 1974 studio album of the same name. Musically, it could be described as every single glam rock trope of the time put together in song. Despite sounding negative, it made for quite the enjoyable listen.

The message of the song is nice and simple – be a rebel and stand up against the establishment. That along with a catchy rhythm and chorus, ensure this song ticks every glam rock box.


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