10 Most Underrated Glam Rock Songs Of All Time

9. Cracked Actor - David Bowie

It is a bit strange for a list like this to include glam metal’s most famous name. After all, his work helped put the genre on the map. But hey, even Ziggy Stardust had some songs that flew under the radar a bit.

“Cracked Actor” was a part of his 1973 album, “Aladdin Sane”. Like most of his other work, the song oozes sleaze. Everything from lyrics to the musical style will lure you into an atmosphere of uncontrolled debauchery and decadence.

It’s powered by a wild guitar riff, with the addition of a sax that drapes the whole song with a more mysterious flavour. The mood of the song is a reflection of the theme behind the lyrics. It chronicles Bowie’s encounters with a sex worker, taking listeners through a minefield of drugs and sexual angst.


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