10 Most Underrated Guns N' Roses Songs

Rock and Roll Fully Loaded.

Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction

A lot of the great times of dirty rock and roll wouldn't have survived the '80s were it not for Guns N Roses. Since the most dangerous thing on MTV at the time was probably somebody like Poison, the fact that something like Sweet Child O Mine was able to break through at all marked the arrival of the World's Most Dangerous Band. Even though the light burned out way too quickly for Guns, there are still parts of their career that have yet to be celebrated.

Across the mega project that is the Use Your Illusion albums and various studio cuts, there are many different tracks that deserve to be alongside Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City as some of the top tier songs in their catalog. Outside of the mainline singles, these are the different sides of the band that most people never seem to notice, like the secret weapon of Izzy Stradlin on some songs or just how much Axl Rose was able to push himself as a singer.

And if you think that's spoiling the list a little too much, let it be known that at least one song from every single studio release of Guns N Roses has made this list. You heard that right...even the album that some fans don't like to talk about all that much does show up on here in some capacity. Because if GNR knows anything, it's how to make some great rock and roll.

10. Nice Boys - GNR Lies

What made GNR stick out from the pack back in the day was just how much of a shock they were to the rest of the bands on the Strip. Whereas most of the bands making a name for themselves at the time were Whitesnake and Winger, hearing these guys strip everything back to straight rock and roll felt totally original at the time. Then again, even the best have to take it from somewhere though.

Eventually being packaged with the famous acoustic EP GNR Lies, Nice Boys is a live cover of a famous song by the band Rose Tattoo. Even though most of the groups like Aerosmith are the clear inspiration for Guns, this pseudo glam rock song fits them like a glove, with Axl putting on his best snotty vocals to really sell the point of this song.

This also has got to be one of the more underrated performances by Steven Adler, showing just the right amount of rhythmic magic that made Appetite for Destruction so infectious back in the day. Above all else, this was the record that was more about Guns playing to their strengths rather than going for broke on the more ambitious stuff. So you've got a kickass song...one of the band's greatest performances...and a new band to check out after you're finished with this song. It's basically the hard rock gift that keeps on giving.


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