10 Most Underrated Kanye West Songs

Lowlights From Chi-Town.

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There isn't really too much more to say about Kanye West that hasn't already been said a thousand times before. Ever since first emerging on the scene with the College Dropout, Ye has been the one player in the hip hop community who refuses to leave the public consciousness, no matter how hard some people might try to cancel him.

Even with one of the most star studded runs in hip hop history though, there are still some lowlights from his eclectic discography.

Across every single one of his Ye's albums, he has proven himself to be a true auteur when it comes to music, whether it be the 5 beats a day for 3 summers he was making in his prime or the gargantuan style you got on albums like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Aside from the more braggadocios rhymes you've known him for over the years, the greatest lowlights of West's career have always concerned with tapping into his more vulnerable side.

As much as he might call himself a god at the end of the day, these are the tracks that show that he's at least still human. While West may be considered a thorn in the side of the music industry these days, having tracks like these in your back catalog shows that you're at least doing something right.

10. Addiction - Late Registration

For as much as Kanye may have hit the ground running with the College Dropout, he was in a bit of an awkward place with Late Registration. Continuing off of the high of songs like Through the Wire and Jesus Walks, could he manage to top himself and make something that was on par with his first smash? While Late Registration answered that question with an abundant YES, the more downtempo material was what really hit home over the years.

Going into the jazz realm for the first time, Addiction is one of the prettiest songs of West's early career, as he talks about the obsession that comes with any kind of dependency, be it drugs, money, or even the fame that he's desperately chasing after. As sweet as the soul sample in the chorus might seem on the surface, the line of "You make me smile with my heart" doesn't really mean that everything is all sunshine and roses.

This song would also not be complete without the amazing touch from Jon Brion, whose immaculate sense of mood makes the track feel like a stream of consciousness rather than just the typical performance style beats we had gotten used to in the past. Instead of giving us College Dropout Pt. 2, this was the confirmation that Ye was only starting to hit his stride.

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