10 Most Underrated Metallica Songs

Enter King Nothing.


Not too many things associated with Metallica can be considered "underrated." Ever since the early '80s, these thrash metal giants seemed to have reinvented the entire metal genre in their own image, with almost every one of their albums being contested amongst metal fans. Then again, even the most classic of bands can find a few stragglers that never saw the light of day.

Whether it was down to a poor management decision or just a snafu with the record company, these songs have remained in the dark corners of Metallica's catalog, with only a few people bringing them up as something fantastic. Though these spots are normally reserved for the worst material a band has to offer, a lot of these cuts have some inspired musical choices that you might not expect from the world's biggest metal band.

Granted, there have been times where Metallica have changed it up and failed miserably (St. Anger, Lulu, et al), but these are the few songs that actually got that shakeup right. It's time for these undiscovered pieces to have their day in the sun and see if they hold up to the band's previous classics. They might not set the world on fire, but they may just sneak up on you as some of the band's most overlooked deep cuts.

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