10 Most Underrated Oasis Songs

The Unseen Side of Manchester.

Oasis band members Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher are pictured during a photocall at Wembley Stadium, where they announced their biggest ever tour of open air venues in the UK and Ireland next summer.
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When Oasis first arrived on the scene, it felt like the power of rock and roll had officially come back. Though the grunge movement was a great way to get out all of the glamour of the '80s, this is where we got the true world of rock and roll excess back, with albums like Definitely Maybe and What's the Story Morning Glory paving the way for Britpop. Once you take a look back though, there's a lot more going on between bits of Rock and Roll Star.

Across their entire discography, Oasis have had some of the most consistent albums out of anyone else in the Britpop genre. While staying true to their sound most of the time, a lot of their non-glory years output has material that deserves its place among the greatest songs that they've ever made.

And that's before you get to the fact that these guys have some of the greatest B-sides in the business. Especially coming off of the era of Definitely Maybe, Noel Gallagher's writing on some of the more throwaway cuts would have been enough to launch any other bands' career. Then again, since we don't have Oasis around anymore, we should just be thankful that we have some of these underrated gems in the first place.

10. Songbird - Heathen Chemistry

When talking about the reasons why Oasis' music has lasted all these years, all roads tend to point back to Noel Gallagher. There aren't too many people who would argue that Noel's knack for songwriting is the biggest strength of the band and has made their music some of the most classic songs of the '90s. That's not to say that his brother couldn't hold his own as well.

Though the majority of Heathen Chemistry seemed to show the band a bit on autopilot for its runtime, handing everything off to Liam for Songbird is a nice departure for the group. At just 2 minutes, you can't really say that it's the most substantial song in their catalog, but it doesn't really need to be. Having just the right amount of melody, Liam took the few building blocks of songwriting and made a track that can stand among the group's best.

Also, it's not too often that you see the more introspective version of Liam either, and hearing him talk about this little bird is definitely a welcome change from him belting out songs like Rock and Roll Star every single night. Hell, you can even call this a precursor to what we would see nowadays with Liam's stellar solo career. See, Noel? Even though you're the mastermind, let Our Kid write a few tunes every now and again. He's pretty good at it.

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