10 Most Underrated Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

8. Out In LA - Red Hot Chili Peppers

And now we go back to the one album that started it all. Even though we like to think that the Chilis were on fire right from the get go, there are actually a few parts of their debut that are a bit rough around the edges, like thinking that covering an old Hank Williams song was a good idea. On the back half though, we do have songs that show they were at least going in the right direction.

Compared to the joke-y songs on the rest of the record, Out in LA is a lot more complete as a song than the rest, with Anthony Kiedis discovering his knack for singing. Well...if you can call it singing. This is back in the day when the band was gently toeing the line between funk and rock, so his rhymes are a lot more spoken word and rapping instead of actually singing.

Even though Hillel Slovak wasn't here on the final version, you can still see his fingerprints all over the arrangement of this tune, especially when the groove drops and the song really starts to go off the rails. Outside of that though, this is the first great Chili Peppers song they made. More gems and certainly more songs about their favorite state were to come.


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