10 Most Underrated Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

9. Wet Sand - Stadium Arcadium

As the years went on, the Chilis were known to be a lot more mellow. They could still turn up their amps and blow out your speakers when they wanted to, but there were a lot more musical colors that they could play with. And on Stadium Arcadium, we found out just how many colors they had in their arsenal, especially on Wet Sand.

For any fairweather fan, you would never guess that this came from the same band that made a song like Give It Away. After years of honing their funk chops, John Frusciante seems to be looking in the classic rock playbook for a song like this, complete with a chord progression that even the Beatles wouldn't scoff at. Anthony also follows his lead, with a vocal melody that's a lot more refined instead of the machine gun stuff you'd find on something like Around the World, or even Hump De Bump from the same album.

Since this is a song by the Peppers though, you do get the funk brought in ever so slightly in the rhythm section, with Chad Smith playing off of Flea perfectly to give the whole track a unique groove across its runtime. That's the reason why you have to keep coming back to it. Any rock band could have written this from a musical standpoint, but none of them have that bounce that makes you want to move every time it comes on.


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