10 Most Underrated Rock Music Frontmen And Women

Showing some love to the unsung leaders of some great bands.

The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

Being the main figure in a rock band isn't all just crowd-surfing and autograph signing.

As a frontman or frontwoman, it's up to you to convey the whole image of your group to the public. You're the one that has to draw people in, the one that has to do all the press, the one that's ultimately responsible for the success or failure of your project!

So, no pressure then...

Being a good front can lead to a long career and millions of fans worldwide. From Freddie Mercury to Bruce Dickinson to Lemmy to Joan Jett, rock history has seen plenty of examples of band leaders who have gone on to become megastars in their own right.

However, just because someone is the big cheese in their own outfit, that doesn't mean they get that same respect elsewhere.

These performers - all singers, some instrumentalists too - are all very talented, yet do not find themselves in the upper echelons of rock music history. They all deserve far more praise than they've gotten over the years for being at the forefront of some truly special bands.

10. Marc Hudson - DragonForce

As it turns out, DragonForce have more songs than that one at the end of Guitar Hero 3.

Though it's definitely more famous for its insane guitar work, Through the Fire and Flames features some lovely vocal work from original lead singer ZP Theart.

Theart left the band in 2010 to pursue a career that eventually landed him a job with Skid Row. Many wondered if anyone was up to filling his hefty shoes, but it wasn't long until that question was answered.

Marc Hudson wasn't even a professional musician when he joined the group, but quickly turned heads thanks to his impeccable vocal style. Whilst Theart had sung with a low, growly voice, Hudson could reach much higher notes, reinforcing the band's status as the new guardians of hair metal.

Hudson's piercing range was complimented by a strong stage presence, as he took to the life of a full-time rockstar like a long-haired duck to water. The departure of their original singer could have spelt disaster for DragonForce, but the group bounced back and brought in a new frontman who might actually have been even better.

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