10 Most Underrated Rock Songs Of The 90s

9. Take Cover - Mr. Big

By the time the mid '90s rolled around, there was no reason to give a damn about the era of hair metal anymore. Since the grunge wave was still in full swing and fans were moving towards the morose side of the spectrum, who the hell cared about what someone like Poison was doing anymore? Well...if you look past the more embarrassing cuts, you do find the odd good song like on Take Cover.

Then again, Mr. Big was never that big in the glam rock scene to begin with, only scoring 1 hit with the acoustic ballad To Be With You. When you actually listen back to this song though, it's clear that they at least understand what made the gritty side of rock and roll so interesting to begin with. While not really being on the level of something like Soundgarden, the shimmery guitar fills and raw vocal performance by Eric Martin actually fits much better in this context.

Let's face it though, this kind of thing was the death knell for Mr. Big, after which they went on hiatus before resurfacing again in the early 2010's on the '80s resurrection circuit. Though Mr. Big never lost their touch in the Japanese circuit, this was still a later period highlight that shows that they were worth sticking around for more than one song.

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