10 Most Underrated Slipknot Songs

The hymns of the Maggots.


The reason why metal has blossomed out the way it has is because of Slipknot. From the grotesque masks that they don whenever they take the stage to the feral attack of every song they write, the band were always much more than great your typical nu metal act.

Though the band only seem to give us one album every 5 years, there are still plenty of hidden gems to comb through.

For as much as a song like "Spit It Out" can set a mosh pit going today, there are always a handful of Slipknot tunes that deserve to be headbanged to in equal measure.

While a few of the band's classic albums can feel a bit lopsided at times, there are always a few songs across every record that are well above your average thrillfest. Some of the band's experimental works have led them towards more questionable territory, but when it works, it shines brighter than anything else in music.

You typically know what you're getting when you have a band as visceral as Slipknot in your playlist, but every now and again you'll be treated to something that will warp your brain and stimulate your senses. Here are just a small helping of the overlooked hellrides the 9 have given us over the years.

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