10 Most Underrated Songs (On Classic Albums)

The lowlights from must-have records...


There's no right way of defining a classic album. Throughout each decade, records have come to the forefront that have such an overarching presence to them that they almost feel as much a part of life as the air that you breathe. Though these records have a strong lineup of amazing songs, some tunes tend to go unnoticed by the masses.

All of these records have gotten their just due as amazing works of art, but these songs have not risen to legendary status like the others on the track listing. This might come down to not being released as singles, bad timing, or even the band not taking kindly to the track, but those arguments seem to fall away once you listen to the track on its own.

These songs could have been career-defining hits for other artists, but they seem to be left out to dry because of the other fantastic tracks standing next to them. They may not be as awe-inspiring as their brethren, but they certainly deserve to be talked about more than they are. It's time to give these tracks their just due as some of the greatest work these bands have ever done. They may not look like much now, but you'll change your mind once you hear them in context.

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