10 Most Unique Guitarist In Alternative Rock Music

Unconventional masters of the fretboard.

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Technical ability is not necessarily a prerequisite to be considered an accomplished guitar player. You might be able to play as fast as Eddie Van Halen, but what does that matter if you're not bringing anything new to the table... Innovation and originality is just as important as having an in depth knowledge of musical theory.

Being prolific or even highly skilled isn't what we're discussing here either. We're looking at the most unique and instantly recognisable guitar players in the alt-rock genre - the musicians that can be identified through a mere smattering of notes. That's not to say these players aren't talented but it's their unique approach rather than their technical ability that makes them special.

Whether it's their specific use of effects, an unusual approach to song writing, or just their ability to deliver instantly memorable classics, these guitar players have all earned their status among the best.

10. Jonny Greenwood - Radiohead

Jack White Live

Radiohead have become the epitome of 21st Century rock, never afraid to move with the times, and always ahead of the curve. The group has transcended the constraints of your typical rock band and morphed into a musical force of nature, unshackled by genre.

Thom Yorke is often considered the driving force of the group, but without the help of the musical wizard, Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead's sound would be lacking. Greenwood has described himself as the band's "arranger" - the one who puts all the pieces together to make art out of chaos.

When it comes to the guitar, Greenwood certainly follows a less-is-more approach. His playing weaves through the melodies, serving the song rather than trying to dominate it. That's not to say he doesn't leave his mark though. Greenwood's approach creates layers of textured sound, helped in no small part by the assortment of effects he's prone to using.

He's come along way since Radiohead's early days - when they were your more conventional alt-rock group - your not likely to get a flashy solo from this guy these days, ambient melody takes precedent over spectacle every time.

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