10 Music Genres That Died

Gone but not forgotten.


Music genre may not be a huge deal to listeners these days, most will be eclectic in their tastes without much care as to what genre their favourites fall into. There was, however, a time when it wasn’t all so simple. Many times, a listener’s very identity was connected to their music tastes, even leading to disputes with those of a different musical persuasion.

Many a genre has also inspired a counter-genre that provided the total opposite to its predecessor. While some genres seem immortal, remaining relevant and timely through every decade since their inception, others come and go in the blink of an eye.

History indicates music has been around almost as long as we have and is considered an essential art form to the human experience. For many, music tastes are influenced by those close to them, leading to enjoying music from various generations other than their own. Even with this, many of us will remain completely oblivious to lesser known or less relevant genres. Even so, some of these forgotten favourites enjoyed a time of great significance in the music world.

Whether they simply faded away or stumbled under their own weight of success, here are 10 music genres that have ceased to be.

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