10 Music Reunions That Were Doomed From The Start

Some bands just couldn't let go of the past.

Creed Band
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There are many reasons why rock and pop groups decide to reform. Whether it be an attempt to regain past glories, a need to improve the bank balance, or giving in to fan and media pressure, the decision to put the band back together is not one that each member will have taken lightly.

Considering the multitude of reasons an act might split up in the first place, walking back into a situation that they were happy to leave many years before might not be the wisest thing to do. If all you were doing was throwing fists and verbal abuse at each other when you were last in each other's presence is it really a good idea to re-enter that toxic atmosphere just because the money is good?

Then there are those bands who split due to no fault of their. Whether it was due to a band member dying or finding themselves without a record deal once the hits have dried up, sometimes reforming could be seen as a positive thing.

Whatever the reason, a band reforming is very rarely a smooth running affair. Quite often it is as equally a bumpy road that they left the first time round.

10. Sex Pistols (1996)

Creed Band

In 1976 Sex Pistols burst onto the scene shocking the establishment to the core. Their nihilistic, anti-establishment stance sent ripples throughout the country. Seemingly, just as quickly as they arrived than they split up.

To some their brief ascent to the top and subsequent disbandment was the very embodiment of punk. It was meant to brief, it was meant to be noisy. The whole point of punk was to shake things up, to change people's outlook. So when The Sex Pistols reformed to tour in 1996 it came as something as surprise.

Calling it the Filthy Luche Tour the whole thing seemed like nothing other than a money making exercise, cashing in on their past, rebellious reputation. Rather than affirm their historical status the tour did nothing but undermine the relevance of the band.

Other tours ensued in 2002, 2003 and 2007. Although people still turned up to the gigs the energy was gone. The aging musicians were, in some people's eyes, a punk band no more.

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