10 Musical Collaborations That Didn't Really Work

The Glorious Fumbles.

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When you hear about two giants collaborating with each other, the hype normally goes through the roof. Since we would usually go nuts over your average new music, seeing two giants going toe to toe with each other is enough to get people buzzing like crazy. And then they hear the finished product and realize that they may not have thought everything through that well.

Before we even get into this, it's not like these people were aiming to make something bad. If anything, it's noble of each of these artists to actually try something like this out, going for a new sound and trying to push themselves creatively. The only problem is that they worked themselves into creative ditches most of the time, turning in singles that were either dead on arrival or just making stuff that's too weird to put into words.

Most of the time you're less disappointed and more dumbfounded at the fact that these were actual projects that existed and people actually forked over money to make it. It's always nice to experiment, but you guys are much better working with your main gigs then trying your hand at something different. The names on here should tell you to get your hopes up, but you're probably going to end up facepalming a lot more than you thought with songs like this.

10. Fade In Out - Oasis and Johnny Depp

Not every song on this list has to necessarily be an all time trainwreck. When you have two great players come together on a project, sometimes the energy just doesn't work and you're left with something that's more disappointing than anything else. And if we're talking star power, a song like Fade In Out should have been a much bigger deal than it ultimately became.

Since this was the moment where Oasis were on top of the world, Noel Gallagher wanted to bring in a handful of guests to contribute something to the record. Just like Paul Weller had played the iconic guitar solo on Champagne Supernova, the slide guitar on this song was performed by Johnny Depp, and you wouldn't know it if you weren't told just now. While Depp is definitely a competent guitar player for the likes of The Hollywood Vampires, hearing him on this song is nothing more than musical window dressing, just adding another track to the layers upon layers of guitars on Be Here Now.

And it's not like the song is all that bad either. If you listen to what happened when Oasis took to the road, the live version of this song sounds absolutely amazing, almost evoking the same kind of vibe that you would get from a song like Headshrinker. All we're left with in the studio is just a wash of guitars, with Noel trying to make it sound as large as possible. Then again, making a song sound as big as possible isn't going to mean a thing if you don't make it sound good as well.


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