10 Musical Collaborations That Didn't Really Work

9. Can't Stop Partying - Weezer and Lil Wayne

During the mid '00s, Weezer fans were about to enter an extremely dark time. Although Rivers Cuomo's return to rock on albums like Maladroit was solid all around, the draw towards more mainstream material on songs like Beverly Hills veered on the wrong side of cringy a lot of the time. It may have just seemed like a blip on the radar, but nothing could have prepared for what went down in the middle of Raditude.

While most of this record is not looked back on that fondly by Weezer fans, Can't Stop Partying is where the entire project hits a brick wall, with Rivers talking about how much fun it is to be partying all night long. For most Weezer fans, you don't even need to be told why this is bad, as the same guy who wrote Say It Ain't So is now talking about loving his addiction and wanting to become one of the cool kids.

And to put the cherry on top of this whole thing, here's Lil Wayne on hand to drop a guest verse, which feels like it was only made for him to sneak in a line at the beginning saying "It's Weezer and It's Weezy." What makes it worse is that this song sounds 1000% better on Rivers' original demo, sounding like a man so distraught at not being able to stop partying. But no...we had to settle on the dance club banger written by the kings of nerd rock.


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