10 Musical Left Turns NOBODY Saw Coming

Put your songs down, flip them, and reverse them.

Blackened Records

Musicians typically spend years developing the perfect tone for their band. Once they found their niche, many acts begin to perfect that sound until they have honed their craft to a tee.

At the same time, it probably gets tiring to play the same styles over and over, and artists often start exploring in a variety of directions. Sometimes it's to try a different sound. Sometimes it's to broaden their musical horizons. Sometimes it's to just see if they can get away with it.

There is one consistency with these changes, too: They can be very polarizing to fans.

A change in sound is not typically what fans want to hear. They want their favorite band to put out their favorite kind of music. Still, many listeners are more than happy to go along for the ride with these artist, if only to see where their creative muse takes them.

In these cases, the following artists never skimped out on the quality of their music just to try something different.

It's not an easy choice to take that creative plunge, but the fortunes can be limitless when you gamble and win.

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