10 Musicians That Will Never Work With Each Other Again

Not to be repeated.

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No band has the capacity to keep their collective fire burning. It's just the nature of the beast that having 4 or 5 people in the same creative environment over years at a time is bound to dry up at some point. Though most bands try to leave the door open for anything to happen, there are a few of those that have been permanently sealed shut over time.

After all, a lot can happen when you're not in the same outfit, some of which may not sit too well with the people who are willing to play with you for years at a time. Apart from just being rough to work with, a lot of these splits came with massive side effects for the members, which involved everything from bankruptcy to living with nasty narcotic habits for years afterwards. Once you come up for water, you're always going to be a different person to the guy you played music with before then.

Even though time heals all wounds, a lot of these grudges have only grown colder with the passage of time. You should never say never when it comes to these things, but the chances of these musicians ever patching things up feels more like a pipedream nowadays than anything else.

10. Morrissey vs. Johnny Marr - The Smiths

The '80s alternative scene is something that most fairweather fans had to rediscover after the fact. Let's face it...as much as you like to save your hipster points and claim to have loved them back in the day, all of us were probably blaring our Tears for Fears a lot more than the likes of the Pixies or the La's. Though The Smiths used to be an cool indie band to love, any potential for a reunion seems dismal at best.

Given the amount of inspiration they have had on all of alternative rock since then, it would seem like a no brainer for Johnny Marr and Morrissey to patch things up and give it one more go around just for the hell of it. Then again, Johnny Marr plays by his own rules and Morrissey is...well...Morrissey.

In the years since their dissolution, it becomes a bit easier to side with Johnny about the reason for working better apart, since Morrissey has put his foot in his mouth more times than most care to keep count. From lashing out at other celebrities to being preachy as all hell every time he takes the microphone, it's clear that Morrissey gave up his rock credentials a long time ago. All we're left with is the guitar warrior and the diva...one big dysfunctional rock family.

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