10 Musicians Who Cheated Death

Dancing Too Close to the Fire.

James Hetfield Metallica
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Living the life of a rock star is not necessarily known to be the safest job in the world. Considering the amount of people that end up getting hooked on drugs due to the pressure of fame, it's a wonder why people even want to get famous in the first place. Then again, sometimes you can get a brush with mortality by just remaining professional.

For as many transcendent shows have been performed over the years, there are just as many that could have ended pretty gruesomely if things turned out different. Hell, some of the biggest names in music aren't safe from these screwups either, sometimes walking away with a massive injury or even being sidelined for the next few shows. On the rarest of occasions though, rock stars dance a little too close to the flame and end up in near fatal conditions, almost going up to that great gig in the sky without even knowing what hit them.

Things do end up coming around though, and each of these artists managed to beat the odds and come out on the other side as even stronger people. Considering the death defying things that we have here, it looks like these guys might be able to outlast cockroaches when the rapture caves in.

10. Bobby Blitz's Lights Go Out

During the golden age of most thrash metal, Overkill tends to be one of the more overlooked gems. With Bobby Blitz at the helm, most of their material worked surprisingly well when put up against the Anthraxes of the world. Time does wear on you though, and it would seem that the Reaper may have come calling for Blitz at a show in Switzerland.

Before going into the song Necroshine, Blitz counted off the song when he fell to the floor and was unresponsive for a few minutes. After receiving medical attention, it was confirmed that Blitz had had a mild stroke onstage, which ended up being a genetic condition that ran in his family. Even Blitz today was spooked about it, claiming to only see his bandmates as if they were in individual photographs before eventually falling.

But this wasn't even the first time that Blitz had to deal with something like this, with him going to the doctor and discovering cancer in his nose after being told that he was sick by a self proclaimed witch at one of their more recent shows. Bobby Blitz might not be on the pedestal that people like James Hetfield, but he has enough road war stories to fill out any other bands' entire career.

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