10 Musicians Who Have Joined Multiple Bands

Dave Grohl is omnipresent...

Dave Grohl

To be part of a professional rock band is a tremendous undertaking. While performing your music, you also have to worry about touring across the country, writing songs for the next album cycle, and trying not to kill the other members of your band who occasionally go on their own ego trips.

Even with all the work that goes into one group, there are some true workaholics littered throughout the music business whose talents can't be limited to just one group. These musicians have been able to lend their talents across multiple instruments to many different bands in the rock genre. While some of the groups tend to fall into the realms of side projects, the quality behind the songs never falter with these performers at the helm. Some of these secondary acts these guys undertake become so big that they even rival the musicians' previous work.

Whether it be just for an album or for a career spanning decades, these performers seem to be unstoppable with the amount of quality music that can make across many different genres. No matter which project you listen to from these artists, their incredible well of creative ideas knows no bounds.

10. Sammy Hagar

From his humble beginnings on the hard rock scene, Sammy Hagar almost seemed destined for a legendary career. When Hagar was just making a name for himself, he became the lead singer of the hard rock outfit Montrose, whose riffs and songs like "Rock the Nation" and "Bad Motor Scooter" left an indelible mark on future rock legends from Iron Maiden to an impressionable David Lee Roth.

After spending two years singing his ass off with Montrose, Hagar quickly transitioned into a solo career, where he struggled to find his footing at first. As he spent almost 5 five years on his own, he finally started to gain traction with songs like "I Can't Drive 55" and "There's Only One Way to Rock." However, the biggest break for Hagar came when Van Halen came knocking on his door to be their new lead singer after David Lee Roth's departure. Together, the band and Hagar would go on to massive success before Hagar's departure to pursue other musical projects.

Even in his older age, Hagar has adopted many other projects from the Circle to the supergroup Chickenfoot with guitar god Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Pepper Chad Smith. With almost 50 years of rock and roll under his belt, the Red Rocker has proved to one of rock's most in-demand voices.

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