10 Non Rock Albums That Rock Music Fans Love

Rock at Heart.

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There's no proper way to headbang to rock and roll forever. Even if you were born of the same songs that Chuck Berry wrote years ago, there comes a point where everyone needs a break and takes a detox from the loud guitars and screaming vocals. There's no shame in going outside your comfort zone every once in a while, and these albums have been a safe haven for rock fans ever since they were released.

Although every one of these artists have no business calling themselves rock by any stretch, the kind of songs on here definitely have the same edge that you would find in your average rock and roll. Whether it's the way that the record is mixed or the fact that they include a guitar on a handful of songs, these tend to get the rockers' seal of approval most of the time, having the same hallmarks or just singing about the same kind of stuff that rockers can relate to, like rebelling against the man or wanting to take over the world through the power of music. There's more that goes into a record than just the songs though.

For every single record on this list, there's a certain feel that makes it fall more in line with rock, taking that care free attitude and turning it up to 1000. Rock and roll may be a genre of music to some, but it's also a feeling more than anything, and these records have that badass attitude to a tee.

10. Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys

Throughout most of the their career, the Beastie Boys were never that far away from rock and roll. There were just as many metalheads that were bumping Licensed to Ill as there were hip hop fans, but everyone in the audience seemed to look at the album as more of a joke record done by a couple of wise guys out of New York. This was more than just a joke though, and Paul's Boutique took us to places that we didn't even realize hip hop was capable of at the time.

Working with the Dust Brothers and leaving Rick Rubin behind, what turns up on here is some of the most psychedelic sounding hip hop ever made, making each of the backing tracks out of different layers of samples crashing in on one another. While the Beasties are still their charismatic selves over most of the record, you can also hear them getting more nuanced with their delivery, borrowing as much from classic rock as they did from Grandmaster Flash on songs like Hey Ladies and Shake Your Rump.

The album even features a sort of smorgasbord of sound towards the end, making a medley of tracks that go on for 19 minutes, giving you a subtle taste of just about everything the Beasties were capable of at the time. This was just a teaser of what was bound to happen a few years down the line on records like Check Your Head, but not too bad for a couple of snot nosed kids.

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